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You are bound to have a number of questions and the following may well answer some of those for you.  If they don’t, you know where we are! Just use the contact form and we will get back to you.

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We have to realistic in a fast changing market place where prices are prone to fluctuate wildly over a relatively short period of time. We will always give you a genuine price based on the market conditions at the time. There is no potential inflation for potential changes that could take place down the road, by the same token, if you do not accept the quote/estimate in a reasonable period of time, we may have to look at the prices again.

Absolutely. We are in a competitive marketplace and people shop around. I know, I would!  The important thing is to balance everything up and compare like with like. Check all the electricians and contractors by looking at reviews, how long a business has been around and make sure it is legitimate. Collate as much information as you can. If we don’t win the business, then we respect your decision. There is no charge and we will certainly not hassle you!

Absolutely, our level of experience means we can offer a 12m warranty on all our work and components used.

Yes I’m afraid there is. We never know when that call will come and we have to offer our electricians a favourable rate to attend an incident without notice. It is currently £100 plus our normal fees. We will advise you when you contact us so that you can make an informed decision at the time.

Absolutely. The staff and work we undertake is all fully covered by extensive insurance cover. Indeed, it is a condition of many Local Authority contracts etc.

Yes, we source our own materials from outlets across the UK. Sometimes we do approach local trade stores when a part is required to complete a job in a reasonable time. We do realise that prices for such products can vary from one store to another but we do not have time to research which is cheapest. The difference in price is usually marginal.

The good news is, you have found the best one in Bedfordshire – although we might be bias. You can obviously use resources like CheckaTrade or if you wish to do your own research, use search engines such as Google.

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