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Leading the Revolution

the last few years in the electrical industry have been dominated by shifts in technology, particularly relating to ‘smart’ buildings and sustainable practices. Some trends have been propelled by the changes in working practices adopted since the pandemic, particularly around remote-working and the use of cloud-based automation

Here are some notable trends that we can expect to see in the electrical industry for 2023:

The continued growth of prefabrication: Prefabrication can produce cost savings in terms of materials, labour and estimating. Using standardised processes to assemble offsite can significantly reduce costs and lead times, and it can also mitigate the need to transport materials from place to place.

Using greener, recycled materials: It is expected that the trend toward sustainable materials and building methods will continue to grow and this means there will be more demand for energy-saving resources and sustainably made components.

Increased use of Building Information Modelling (BIM): BIM enables businesses to create virtual construction plans, making them more coordinated and efficient when it comes to the design process of large-scale projects.

The move towards smart homes (and smart cities!): Smart buildings are becoming more popular as they offer a range of benefits such as energy efficiency, improved security, and better comfort for occupants.

Cloud-based tools: Cloud-based automation is becoming increasingly popular in the electrical industry as it allows for remote working and collaboration between teams.

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